Kavitaa in Sedona speaks Japanese



Intuitive Psychic Readings, Intuitive Counseling both spiritual and practical, Energy Healing and Balancing in Sedona.

Vortex experience tours and packages with vortex experience tours permitted with the Coconino National Forest

In Sedona since 2002

Kavitaa, one of Sedona’s best-known psychics & healers, offers quality intuitive psychic readings and counseling and Reiki energy balancing and healing in person in Sedona, Arizona and phone readings too. Also long-distance Reiki healing and balancing for you and your loved ones.

Clairvoyant, intuitive readings, spiritual counseling and energy healing in Sedona, Arizona in English and Japanese.

‘Only in Sedona’ packages with Vortex tours and day retreats with Kavitaa from Britain.

"...thank you for your insightfulness and help. The weekend in Sedona changed my life, and much of it is due to my time with you. Thank you!!"
- Lyn

Kavitaa is originally from Britain. She lived for over 20 years in Kyoto, Japan and is fluent in spoken Japanese. Kavitaa also spent 6 years in India studying meditation. She now continues her spiritual meditation practice amidst the Red Rocks and Vortex energy of Sedona.

Sedona Arizona is a place of healing energy, attracting healers from around the world. With its powerful metaphysical Vortex energy and beautiful Red Rock landscape, Sedona is a mecca, a center for those seeking spiritual growth, healing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Experience the Vortex energy with a guided meditation on a Vortex tour experience. Or enjoy a day retreat to relax and gain insights and guidance for your life on both practical and spiritual levels. Have an intuitive psychic reading and counseling session with Kavitaa and relax while receiving Reiki balancing and healing.

The metaphysical spiritual healing energy of Sedona is available to you in person in Sedona and by phone.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."
- Albert Einstein


phone +1 (928) 203 1194

PO Box 3294
Sedona AZ 86340

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