Sedona Vortex Tours and Sedona Hikes

with Kavitaa
Sedona Vortex sacred spiritual site: Cathedral Rock

One of the best ways to visit Sedona's Vortex sites and experience the energy of the Vortexes is walking the land with a private guide on a vortex tour/hike. The Sedona Vortex sites are spectacularly beautiful and great for hiking! Enjoy gentle hiking and experience a guided meditation to connect with the Vortex energy on your vortex tour with Kavitaa.

Tours permitted with the Coconino National Forest

Sedona Healing Vortex Video

Sedona Vortex sacred spiritual site: Oak Creek

Kavitaa, one of Sedona's best-known guides, offers reasonably-priced personal Sedona Vortex tour experiences and hiking for individuals, couples and small groups (2 or 3 people). She is also available for larger group Sedona Vortex tour experiences. The hiking is gentle with a drive between the vortex sites.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the slowness and the energy of the hike as well as the clarity coming from the reading.
- Rick

Sedona Vortex sacred spiritual site: Bell Rock

Sedona Vortex Tour & Hike
2 1/2 to 3 hours
Visit 1 or 2 of the best-known Sedona Vortex sites with Kavitaa. Take time to relax and renew with gentle hiking and a guided meditation in the red rocks of Sedona.

Direct Advance*Regular
1 person$200$225
2 people$110 each$120 each
3 people$95 each$105 each
4 or more, contact Kavitaa

Sedona Vortex sacred spiritual site: Airport Overlook, Airport Vortex

Book a package with Kavitaa's reading and healing work. Visit Sedona Vortex sites on a Vortex tour experience, then receive Intuitive Reading/Counseling and/or Energy Balancing and Healing sessions.

Sedona sacred Native American site: Montezuma Well

Custom Tours
Visit Oak Creek Canyon, meditate by Oak Creek, hike along the river or...

Sedona Vortex sacred spiritual site: Boynton Canyon

Available 7 days a week including all holidays.For weekends and holidays, advance booking only please.For weekdays, advance booking is recommended.

To book your Sedona vortex or custom tour please contact Kavitaa

phone +1 (928) 203 1194

PO Box 3294
Sedona AZ 86340

*Direct Advance Discount Rate applies to bookings made at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance and is not valid with 3rd party bookings
Prices apply to payment in cash, traveler's checks, or personal checks on a US bank.
Credit card payment is available through Paypal for a small extra charge.
1 week notice of change or cancellation is required.