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Reiki Healing is a simple, natural and effective way of reconnecting to the universal energy of life. Reiki promotes relaxation and healing, and reduces stress. Reiki works on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and, through these, the physical level.

Reiki treatment is relaxing, causing a warm, glowing feeling to flow through and around the body, and rejuvenating and refreshing like a good night's sleep. A person receiving an in-person Reiki session lies down, usually on a massage table. The session giver's hands may rest with a light touch on the physical body of the receiver, or they may hover just above the body in the aura, the energy field around the body. Sometimes an emotional release occurs as the receiver lets go of old feelings and emotions that no longer serve them. These may be from this lifetime, or they may be from past lives.


Reiki is based on life energy and was used in ancient times in India, Tibet and elsewhere. "Rei" is Japanese for "sacred" and "Ki" is "life energy". Ki is also known as prana in India and qi in China.

In the 1920's Doctor Mikao Usui (Usui-sensei) rediscovered Reiki in Kyoto, Japan. Usui-sensei was interested in helping people who were suffering, whether physically with illnesses (dis-ease), or emotionally and spiritually. He investigated many ways of healing, studying Buddhist and Christian ancient scriptures. While spending 21 days in retreat on Mount Kurama just north of the city of Kyoto in Japan he received the Reiki symbols, used for healing and protection and for attuning initiates into the Reiki Lineage.

Reiki initiations involve a re-connection (the attunement) to universal life energy and a clearing away of anything that is in the way of this connection. Anyone can receive the 1st Reiki initiation, which clears the way for the person to use for energy for her or his self. The 2nd Reiki initiation is for those who, after a period of practice with Reiki energy, would like to use Reiki with others. The 3rd, or Reiki master, initiation is for those who are dedicated to Reiki healing. A Reiki master is trained to initiate others.

Kavitaa first experienced Reiki during the years that she lived in Kyoto. She often visited Mount Kurama even before she heard about Reiki itself. In 1991 she was initiated in the 1st degree of Reiki in Kobe, Japan. Continuing on her path of self-discovery and meditation, she was initiated in 2nd degree Reiki in Pune, India. As she speaks fluent Japanese, she often translated in Reiki trainings for her Reiki master, Himani. She was also blessed to take part in a 6-week Reiki training and clinic for advanced practitioners with Himani in Pune, India. After moving to the US in 1999 she was initiated into Reiki mastership in California.

Reiki lineage, the path of transmission of Reiki from teacher to student, beginning with Usui-sensei, is important to some. Kavitaa's Reiki lineage is as follows:

  • Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who opened clinics in Tokyo
  • Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West after the Second World War
  • Mary McFadyen
  • Himani
  • Kavitaa

Kavitaa offers Reiki treatment as an individual session, or as part of packages combining Reiki treatment with reading/counseling, Aura-Soma color therapy, past-life regression and other techniques to create a unique, customized experience just for you.

She also offers long-distance Reiki for you and your loved ones, as well as intuitive reading/counseling sessions, by phone.

phone +1 (928) 203 1194

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